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General terms for services in accommodation

1. Introduction

Reservation Desk as a part of agency Globmarine LLC - Herceg Novi (hereinafter as agency), provides accommodation by making reservations on behalf of the owner and for his account. Agency insures accommodation according to information available on website

2. Booking and payment

Booking inquiries for accommodation are sent electronically to the agency. After we receive your enquiry containing duration of stay, number of persons and the type of accommodation, we will send you prices and information on accommodation availability. We will also provide you with instructions for the payment of deposit. Upon reception the paid deposit, we will send you the confirmation of reservation containing all details of the arrangement.

Reservation is possible only after the advance payment (deposit) which amounts 10% of the total accommodation price. The rest of the amount guest pays directly to the owner on the day of the arrival.

3. Accommodation unit price

The prices are listed with every accommodation unit, whereby it is specifically emphasized what each price includes.

Prices are formed in Euro and approved by the owner of the accommodation unit. If the prices of units change after guest made an inquiry and before the deposit payment, the agency is required to inform the guest of the change. For guests who paid the deposit amount, the agency guarantees that the rest of the amount will be paid based on the calculation on which guest had made the reservation.

4. Agency's right to changes and cancellation

Agency can change or even cancel the reserved accommodation if before or during vacation unexpected circumstances occur that can not be avoided. Agency then with the help of the owner should offer the guest alternative accommodation while the change can be done only by the guest's approval. Offered alternative accommodation should be the same or higher category from the reserved accommodation category. The difference in price between the reserved accommodation and alternative accommodation will be covered by the agency. If it is not possible to find the alternative accommodation the agency has to return the whole paid reservation amount.

5. Guest's right to changes and cancellation

If the guest wants to cancel the accommodation that he has reserved, he has to do it with e-mail, fax or ordinary mail. For a cancellation up to 15 days before starting the accommodation service the agency returns the full amount of the paid deposit. The same is applied if the cancellation is done in the shorter period, provided however that the guest finds a substituted user. For all other cancellations shorter than 15 days the deposit amount can not be returned. The same is valid if the guest does not appear at the designated accommodation facility or cancels accommodation at the very arrival. 

6. Agency and Owners obligations

The Owner is obliged to provide accommodation according to the offer presented on the web site. The owner is also obliged to take care and foster guests’ rights and interests according to the established favourable practices in tourist industry. The Owner excludes any responsibility in the case of a certain changes or not fulfillments of services due to a force majeure.

Guest has right to ask for adequate compensation for not received paid services.

Complaints procedure:

  • the guest must inform the owner and agency upon arrival if he is not satisfied with the accommodation unit condition. The guest has to cooperate with the agency and the owner in order to resolve problems. If the complaint is justified and the owner's service is not satisfying, the agency will try everything that the guest receives exceptable solution equal to paid service to the owner. The agency and the owner must not provide the guest with the alternative accommodation of lower category.
  • if the guest leaves on his own the accommodation unit and finds another accommodation and in that way doesn't offer a chance to agency to resolve the problem he has no right to ask the refund or compensation for damage.

7. Notice

By making the advance payment or paying the entire arrangement amount the guest accepts these general terms and conditions.

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