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 Bijela /12km far from Herceg-Novi /

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There are two apartments on offer with capacity of four persons each. Apartments are located in Bijela, near Herceg-Novi. Distance from the beach is just 10m!

Both apartments are entirely the same so below are photos of just one apartment. Both apartments are air-conditioned and completely equipped (TV, kitchen, fridge, bathrooms).

From the balconies of each apartment one can enjoy the beautiful view to the sea. Small beach on guests’ disposal is situated just in front of the apartments. The Owner clean the beach and provides free of charge guests with sunshades. Free of charge is also the parking lot. Each apartment has its parking space available to guests all the time. Apart form the beach in front of the apartment, guests can use other beaches stretching leftwards and rightwards. All the photos have been made from the balcony of the apartment.

In the very vicinity of the apartments there are no cafés or open air crowded clubs so the environment is perfect for relaxation. However on the other side you can still enjoy night life because not far from the apartments are located hotels Villa Azzurro and Villa Mirelli with quite amusing night life.

The city of Herceg-Novi is 12 km far from Bijela, however there are regular bus lines every 20 minutes to and from Herceg-Novi. Bus lines toward Kotor and other parts of the Bay are also convenient and regular.

2km far from the apartments is located a ship repair yard in Bijela. Activities in the yard do not affect quality of water and air around the apartments thanks to ecological activities in the yard and also thanks to the very position of our apartments that enables air and water currencies to influence our environment in positive way. 


Apartment daily rental price

June / Sept.

30 €

01.-15. July

35 €

16. July / Aug.

45 €


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